Hunting retreats for executives at JL Bar Ranch & Resort

Hunting Retreats at JL Bar Ranch and Resort

How does bagging a trophy whitetail or red stag during your next getaway sound? At JL Bar Ranch & Resort, we feature more than 13,000 scenic acres of Texas Hill Country ripe for an individual or corporate hunting retreat. Best of all, you don’t have to be an avid hunter or sportsperson to have a great time and take down a big one. JL Bar Ranch & Resort specializes in providing rewarding experiences guaranteed to make your escape feel effortless.

Corporate and Individual Retreats

Some people understandably associate corporate retreats with dull activities and stale motivational speeches, but these events don’t have to adhere to this outdated rubric. Companies who choose to bring their company retreats to JL Bar Ranch & Resort are treated to a very different experience.

Many business professionals list galvanization, collaboration and strengthening of team bonds as some of the major pluses associated with corporate retreats, and we’ve designed packages to foster and promote these results.

Guides and dogs are available for all hunting excursions at JL Bar & Ranch Resort. Schedule a trip today!Corporate retreats at JL Bar Ranch & Resort are unlike anything your team may have experienced in the past. Instead of trust falls, your team can embark on one of our thrilling hunting excursions and traverse the outer reaches of our expansive property where all sorts of deer, turkeys, native and migratory birds and other exotic animals roam freely.

An expert guide will come along on each hunt to ensure your team is having the best experience possible. Your team will have the opportunity to prepare for the big hunt using our Shooting Sports Complex, which features a skeet range, 5-stand course, pistol and rifle range and on-site professional instructors to help even the most novice shooter gain confidence in their ability.

Our award-winning hunts aren’t reserved for teams only. Individuals can schedule their own exclusive hunt and enjoy the same results, just in a more personalized package.

The Hunts at JL Bar Ranch & Resort

Whitetail Whitetail deer hunting at JL Bar & Ranch Resort.

Our trophy whitetail hunt takes you through the heart of deer country. The JL Bar Ranch & Resort staff thoroughly maintains the bucks’ diet throughout the year to ensure they’re healthy, strong and awaiting your arrival. Pricing starts at $1,500 and varies by B&C rating.


Though our exotic hunt is available year-round, now is the best time to schedule yours, as April through August is the best time land a mature buck. Due to our natural vegetation and location, prized exotics like axis and fallow deer, red stag, blackbuck antelope and many more are available in droves. Exotic packages start at $3,000.

Upland Bird Pheasant and exotic bird hunting and shooting at JL Bar & Resort. Schedule an executive retreat today!

Our upland bird hunt provides unmatched pheasant, quail and dove hunting from September through March. JL Bar Ranch & Resort is located on a central flyway, so migratory doves are common throughout this period. Large amounts of native pheasant and quail are readily available as well due to the pre-season release program. Popular bird hunting packages include:

  • Half day dove, $250 per gun
  • Full day dove, $450 per gun
  • Dove and dinner, $750 per gun
  • Upland quail package, $2,000 total

Each package requires a minimum of four hunters. Custom hunting packages are available as well!

Spring TurkeyTurkey shoots at JL Bar and Ranch Resort.

Rio Grande turkeys are native to Texas Hills Country, making this hunting package another popular choice for groups and individuals in the fall and spring looking for a challenging yet rewarding target. The turkey hunt package starts at $1,000.

Reserve Your Corporate or Individual Hunting Getaway Today!

Whether you’re looking to build comradery among employees or you’re simply searching for a relaxing getaway for you or the family, JL Bar Ranch & Resort has so much to offer. In addition to excellent hunting, JL Bar Ranch & Resort guests are invited to enjoy luxurious lodging, an 18-hole golf course, fitness and spa facilities, a recording studio and so much more. Schedule your hunting excursion by calling (855) 414-3337 or visit our website and submit an online form for more information.